Charles Emsley (b. 1870) Details

> This is a link to Charles' 1881 England Census record on the LDS website

Charles' Birth Certificate, born May 1, 1870. His family lived on Shafton Lane in Holbeck. His father, William, was a Cordwainer.

A map of Leeds from 1997. The area of Holbeck, at the bottom of the page, is mostly as it was in the late 1800's when our Emsley Ancestors lived there. Arrows point to Shafton Lane and Top Moor Side where most of our Emsley's lived.

Charles' Passenger Ticket for Immigration Journey From England to America in August of 1893

Charles' Family sometime after they arrived in America in 8/1893 and before daughter Mary was born in 12/1895

Charles' Naturalization Certificate Issued in 1905

Charles sometime around 1910

Charles came to the US to start a bicycle company. This is emblem off one of his bikes.