William Emsley (b. 1890) Details

William's Passenger Ticket for Immigration Journey From England to America in August of 1893

William's Family sometime after they arrived in America in 8/1893 and before sister Mary was born in 12/1895

William,his wife Edith, and 4 of their 5 children dressed for William and Edith's 50th Wedding Anniversary in Feb, 1962. From Left to Right: Doris, Inez, Edith, Charles J., William, and Edith (nee Webb)

About 1928. Top row - Bill Emsley, Hannah Webb, Edith Emsley and Charles. Center row - Edith and Inez. Front row - Doris and Walter.

Milton, DE 1937. Back row - Charles, William and Walter. Center row - Edith, Inez and Doris. Front - Edith.

Edith & Bill Emsley to the right. The others unknown. Around 1911.

Edith & Bill Emsley, Easter 1957.

Bill & Edith Emsley on their honeymoon in Holyoake, MA. February, 1912.

William Emsley around 1910.

William and his family at the Sun Ship Picnic in 1952.