Our Ancestors

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Emsley, Milner, Hall, Barraclough Webb, Harrington Ward Vanzant Zebley, Metcalf, Medkeff
Gallagher Tomlin MacDonald McKinley, Sayers  
Lesinger Schrieber Safranek Nagel Koester
Liefer Degener      

The following pages lists our ancestors and their descendants up to, but not including, our grandparents. The number before each person's name indicates the generation that person belongs to relative to the #1 person listed for that tree. (+) indicates he/she is the spouse of the person above. Children appear directly below their parents. For instance, the person listed as "2 William Emsley b: Abt 1839" has a wife, "+ Mary Ann Hall" and three children: "3 Charles Emsley", "3 Mary Emsley", and "3 Hannah Emsley". In addition, "3 Charles Emsley" has a wife, "+ Mary Hannah Milner", and six children, all listed with a number "4" in front of their name.